produced by WayneOnDaStix

“In order for one to find themselves, they must first admit they are lost.

You know we’re all lost right?”


Bare witness

Never lucky, just gifted…there’s a difference

Born sinning, no immaculate conception

Never had religion, all I had was a reflection

Took a loss getting crossed by the Judases

Now I got this down to a T like the crucifix

That crown heavy, I just had to get my head straight

They ain’t hold me down, they held me back…now they’re dead weight

Without any doubt

The ones I counted on tried counting me out

No sir, I wouldn’t be so sure

Lone wolf in sheepskin, no faux fur

That boy colder than November rain

Life is Guns & Roses, pleasure and pain

V-O double crooked letter, remember the name

Promised those before me that my story ain’t ending the same

New chapter, had to turn the page

If the great die young, I’ll have an early grave

I found the key, no one showed me what it was

Only trust me, feel like Tony in the tub

Now whose world are we living in?

That pressure made a diamond, glistening

Shining…young Jack Nicholson

They passed the torch, now you’re listening to an Olympian

Crown me…

Crown me…

Biggest favor that they ever did was doubt me…


I lost some friends…wait, no I didn’t

If they up and left, they weren’t down to begin with

I lost my mind, I lost my patience

Then found my knowledge of self to replace it

Guess it’s my turn, letting it burn

I had to take L so I could learn to earn

Looking back on how I’ve gotten here

The only thing I ever really lost was fear


2. “DARE”

produced by WayneOnDaStix



They love to hate and they hate to love me

They making threats while I’m making money

They see me here and wish they could touch me

You want this shit, then come take it from me, I dare ya

Yeah I dare ya

Yeah I said it, now come and get it, I dare ya

Yeah I dare ya

Yeah I said it, now come and get it, I…


Triple dog dare ya…oh now they keeping their distance

Tryna be in my business, must wanna be on my shitlist

I need some forgiveness, she want me to cuff her, policing these bitches

She told me she bout to put in all this work, guess she gon’ need an assistant

I just made a call, she’ll be right over

Couple cold freaks going both ways, call ‘em bipolar

They say my heart has been growing colder than my shoulder

All I know is when life’s over, I just hope I don’t die sober

I’m not here to set an example, I been up burning both ends of the candle

Try to show off and I bet you get canceled, try me and I’ll put your head on the mantle

Right there by the fire, if they ain’t dead then they’re barely survivors

No, it ain’t funny. No, we ain’t buddies. Now show me the money, that Jerry Maguire

Whippin’ a Focus, I had to stay focused when that shit was dying

That made me driven, now all my decisions get better with timing

Go from hoopties to Mazzis, now who gonna stop me? I dare you to try it

If you got a problem be quiet…if you riding with me then riot




Reign supreme, King Michael

They telling me “no other muthafucka do they thing like you”

All Eyez On Me…feel like B.I.G’s rival

Know what I mean? And my money clean cuz I throw that shit in the spin cycle

Got it stashed at the laundromat, never falling back

I need bread, cream, chips, cheese, all of that so my pockets fat

They gonna respect if they ain’t gonna like me

When I fuck up a check I ain’t scuffing my Nikes

I don’t want much, just everything

Married to the money and a rubber band is my wedding ring

Run my team like the Medellin, tell the fat lady won’t let her sing

Till we finishin’, committing sins but God look at what these blessings bring

I’m honestly bout to say I’m a believer

I’m feeding the fire, I preach to the choir like “I am your leader”

No denying it either…if karma’s a bitch, I’m dying to meet her

Making hits till I retire like Jeter, go off like a nine millimeter





3. “1K”

produced by Elmer Abapo


This is not the time to be modest, so stop it

Prophet tryna make profits, fill my pockets

All my chronic exotic, so cop it

Bitch I’m poppin’, now pop it…you got it?

“Save up your money and play your position”

That was advice that my mama would tell me

Mama I love you but I didn’t listen

I’m out here trippin’ like Tommy in “Belly”

WHOA…but I’m so Sincere, can’t you see that I’m focused here?

Man on a mission, swear that I might go to prison before I go broke this year

Nah I’m too pretty for that, it ain’t come from me if it isn’t the facts

They telling me to take my time…well my time is now, I ain’t giving it back

If you think you the man, they think you the man

They bow to the boy like we live in Japan

I just think of a plan to get me some bands to give to the fam

Make sure my shooter got a stash…call him Yosemite Sam

Never get my hands dirty, them twitter fingers, they can’t hurt me

I don’t play, I just got their number like I was wearing their damn jersey



I don’t know what they mad about

Changing up how they acting now

You know me, I just keep it 1,000

You a G if you keep it 1,000

1,000, keep it 1,000

1,000, keep it 1,000

1,000, till they done doubtin’

We 1,000


Keep it a stack, they need to relax

Of course they all talking behind your back when you leading the pack

I’m just speaking the facts, don’t disrespect and try keeping it rap

I don’t know where they got me fucked up at, somebody please get a map

Still looking rich when I’m poor though, my wardrobe is pure gold

I need more dough, deliver that, no DiGiorno

Mix the dollars with the euros, tryna vacay out in Bordeaux

With like four hoes that French kiss till I’m bored though…nah, I need more goals

Get independently wealthy, then there ain’t shit they can tell me

But for now, pass the Belvy then bring the pimp juice like Nelly

She almost spilled on my Chelseas, she say the hoes got her jelly

Baby let’s go to the telly then you give me some Akinyele

She say “you’re so immature”, I say “what you trippin’ for?”

You too fine to be insecure, drink them spirits till they lifting yours

Blow that smoke, let the liquor pour…we only here for a limited time

I don’t know why they been throwing that shade cuz bitch, we still gonna shine


(hook 2x)



featuring Milton

produced by Bij Lincs

saxophone by SAXMANART


(hook – Milton)

By design, you ain’t got the paper she ain’t got the time

By design, by design

She looking good but what’s inside her mind?

By design, by design


Ok, body draped in Versace, Givenchy or that Cavali

Do her thang in that Vera Wang, yeah mami love that Armani

Plenty Fendi, lotta Prada and that Ferragamo

Dior galore, there ain’t a trend she ain’t prepared to follow

Off White and Supreme, Birkin bag with Celine

Tom Ford with McQueen, she needs more, she’s a fiend

Plays her role on the scene, Dolce Gabana so clean

Don’t matter what color she wearing, nah, all that she sees is green

She need that bread, she need that cheese, you think that she’s a foodie

Yeah she got a lot of baggage but at least it’s Louis

Balmain, Hermes, Giuseppe, ‘specially when she’s feeling bougie

And she ain’t seen a Guwop show but she a Gucci groupie

BRR…the girl so cold, she just wanna buy that wherever it’s sold

If it’s foreign fabric then she got to have it till next month when it gets old

Fashion killer, leaving everyone dead

That’s why the bottom of her heels blood red




For that paper, she been staying on a never ending chase

She tryna eat filet mignon, she got expensive taste

And a sweet tooth from her sugar daddy, shopping spree? Yeah that sounds great

He get money from moving weight, yeah he making that pound cake

And that can buy her anything she wants

Nah she ain’t religious, she just prays to Saint Laurent

Acting brand new in them brand names, she drop it low in that high end

On the pole with no campaign, you want her bro? What you tryna spend?

Got no time for Michael Korrs, basic shit you buy in stores

If it ain’t a Rollie homie, what you even trying for?

Looking mighty fine, like a walking dollar sign

But what’s up inside her mind? She just stuntin’ by des-by design





produced by WayneOnDaStix



Do it all for the familia

Real recognize real and you unfamiliar

If they hate then let ‘em hate cuz that fake love’ll kill ya

Real recognize real and you unfamiliar

You so unfamiliar, you so, you so unfamiliar

You so unfamiliar, you so, you so unfamiliar

If they hate then let ‘em hate cuz that fake love’ll kill ya

Real recognize real and you unfamiliar


This ain’t for politics, this is for Joey and Dominic

Better respect my conglomerate, turn my logo to a monument

This shit is not for acknowledgement, this shit is not for the fraudulent

Talkin’ bout loyalty, really annoying me when your whole aura the opposite

C’mon keep it honest bitch

I get that you’re threatened by confidence

I have forgotten what modest is, hating me’s not an accomplishment

I have grown numb to the compliments

I don’t make threats, only promises

I run my team like I’m Popovich, at the Spur of the moment we body shit

Yeah, they ain’t never been through it

They don’t know all the work we put into it

They don’t want no smoke, nope…they above the influence

Now tell me if y’all have a problem, I won’t even fall back in Autumn

There’s really no sign of me stoppin’ till Voss in a coffin, that shit ain’t an option





Yeah, this for the real ones

you frontin’? Then fuck how you feel, son

Can’t you see that we eating? Don’t bother me till my meal done

But you cannot eat off my plate though

Leggo my Eggo, that’s cuz I say so

Every fit I rock is fuego, tryna get my pockets preggo

I grew my hair out like Samson

Talented, young and I’m handsome

I’m throwing parties, I’m throwing dollars, all they been throwing is tantrums

I’ma hold the game for ransom, fucking women in tandem at random

They say that boy got a Dope Show…feel like Marilyn Manson

‘Round the corner, bitches waitin’

Since you hatin’ you ain’t get an invitation

I been innovating, they been imitating

They ain’t real, they a simulation

This ain’t nothing new, I been amazing

I’m just tryna get vacations in the Caymans

They been throwing shots but I’m dodging bullets like I’m in the Matrix, that boy isn’t playing





produced by WayneOnDaStix


With all due disrespect

If your vibe ain’t right then I might just dap you with the left

The homies will feel this, only the realest ride with me

Having dreams of running all through Miami like it’s Vice City

Me and Wayne the new Crockett and Tubbs, got your bitch fallin’ in love

Like she was Billie Jean and I feel like Michael rocking the glove

Wait nah…feeling like Michael in his swimming trunks now

Wait nah…feeling like Michael at the rim with his tongue out

Rolling Stones logo, no satisfaction, no no

She say that I got the moves like Jagger, go white boy go go

Rockstar lifestyle, no time quite like right now

They talk down? Lemme find out, get wiped down by their wife now

We come in flexin’ like fuck a section, we gon’ run the club

Been in the lead, these boys just now coming up on the runners up

But forreal, I ain’t done enough, tryna pump me up cuz this straight gas

I’ma just give em all a late pass, tryna make a check but I’ll take cash



I don’t want no run of the mill life

Said I’d take her from him, I still might

Hate to do ‘em wrong, it just feels right

We just tryna make checks like Phil Knight

Just do it, make the money then run through it

Just do it, make the money then run through it

Just do it, make the money then run through it

Just do it, make the money then run


Always making jokes, never making effort, we can’t hang together

You’ll be the same forever, I pray for pressure, it just makes me better

Y’all just say whatever

Always making comments while we focused on making commas

It ain’t all Gucci, it ain’t designer

I’m the future, you a fake imposter

Mafia style, put your face in pasta

You ain’t got no hope, you ain’t Obama

Beg for support like a baby mama

DVR a soap opera and save the drama

I distanced myself from the fuckery, you dissing yourself if you come at me

I treat your OG like a son to me but I do not want the custody

Deadbeat leave beats dead, no low carb, I need bread

Tell me I got a big head, yeah yeah, that’s what she said

We in this bitch, we ain’t leave yet

Don’t make me get B. Webb

He bring it right to your doorstep, special delivery…G Dep

Focused on running the world while you been running in circles

I’d never run in your circle, I saw your show like “cut to commercial”

Puffing this purple, counting this green, brown cup full of liquor

Red eyes and blue faces, oh what a colorful picture

Say you lean sippin’, in the kitchen whippin’ and you SKRT SKRTin?

You never been the man, it’s all second hand, no first person

Over sharing and you under-doing

No one cares so what the fuck you proving?

I know you’re scared of how I’m running through it

Going hard and I don’t ball for Houston

Puttin’ shots up like “aw shucks”

She saw us, she awestruck

I share my name with some water but y’all fucks all washed up





produced by Joel Venom


Let it fade…

Let it fade…



Let it fade, let it fade

Let it fade, that’s how I medicate, yeah

Let it fade, let it fade

Do this every day, I just let it fade, yeah

Pour it up and let it fade

Roll it up and let it fade

Let it fade, let it fade

Wash it all away, I just let it fade


Pour it up and let it fade

Roll it up and levitate

High as hell for heaven’s sake

Show you how I live, yeah let me demonstrate

I ain’t ever prayed since the second grade

I’m the blessing, ay, I don’t hesitate, I just regulate

Check the resume, when they see me, it’s a guessing game

Is he faded, is he not? It’s hard to differentiate

Heard ‘em speculate, they all said I changed, let ‘em hate

I just cut that extra weight, I don’t stress it babe

She said “let’s go”, I told her friend the same

Black and white, no I don’t segregate and I don’t remember names, nah

I just penetrate, type of sex to make your dresser shake

Now they break me off, remember days I couldn’t catch a break

Life just gave me lemons then I made a batch of lemonade

Mix the vodka, drop a bean in there and let it marinate




Pour it up and let it fade

Roll it up and elevate

Light up the tree, let’s decorate

Who knew feeling nothing ever felt this great?

Renegade, talking heavy, never featherweight

Move a little something but these hoes act like I’m selling weight yeah

Sticking out her tongue, she tryna get a taste yeah

Said she feeling me but she ain’t felt her face yeah

Give her the D, yeah she need better grades

Fold her like yoga than we meditate

I know my baby gon’ investigate

I just have another and accept my fate

Advice that I don’t ever take

Promises that I forget to make

I am not addicted though, so get it straight

This is just the way I celebrate




Let it fade…

Let it fade…



featuring Mason

produced by Joel Venom


(hook – Mason)

Is this enough for you? Yeah yeah

Is this all you wanna do? Yeah yeah

This ain’t enough for me, no no

This ain’t where I wanna be, no no

No no, no no

Gettin’ high but I’m riding so low

Solo…so low

This ain’t what I wanna be, no


My father never thought he’d be a daddy

Said he ain’t have a purpose till he had me

Now all he’s ever known is work and family

I think we’re both afraid of being happy

I guess that it’s genetic

So manic depressive, go from cocky to pathetic

That can kill you if you let it, I been changing my perspective

Been accepting all these lessons, all I used to want for breakfast

Was some good head and french toast

But baby, as I grow I learned that what you never do’s what you regret most

I heard there’s magic on the west coast

So before I die I better get ghost, let’s go cuz

Where I’m living doesn’t feel like a home

Everybody know me but I know I’m still alone

No matter where I go I still ain’t gon’ belong

Man, I know I’m right but damn, I hope I’m wrong




My homie never lived without his mama

“Better safe than sorry” is his mantra

He on some “do it when I need to” shit

Your life get too comfortable, you’ll sleep through it

So I gotta stay woke

Chase after this dream like I’m Usain Bolt

Tired of the same old, you can’t pay the rent with hope

And you don’t know that feeling if you ain’t ever been broke, nah

Still my pride won’t let me borrow from my friends

Living every day like tomorrow is the end

They been tryna tell me “slow it down” but I ignore ‘em

Rather go out with a bang than ever die from boredom

Who are they to say that we ain’t living right?

Tryna judge all of the shit that gives us life

Who are they to say that we been getting old?

Ain’t no expiration date on my soul





featuring Mel Alston, Jr.

produced by LTC

guitar by Rob Devious


I been sober for months now

Can’t get over this come down, still don’t know what I want now, nah

You been asking me where we’re going

You been seeing these signs I’m showing

Bottled up till I’m overflowing

It ain’t the same now, we done burned the flame out

I don’t even recognize the person I became now

This isn’t natural, we been moving lateral

So mechanical, traded passionate for practical

Fighting more and fucking less, like we love the stress

Argue about arguments, spilled my guts, oh what a mess now

The feeling’s gone and we still tryna find it

I had you lying on your back while I still lied behind it

You hate me, then fine, say I’m wasting your time

Say I make up excuses and can’t ever make up my mind

I said “if I really love you then you should be free”

And you just looked at me…


(hook – Mel Alston, Jr.)

And then you just cried a river, yeah

And I dove in wearing cement shoes

You asked me why I’m with ya, yeah

Like I just forgot what we been through

Then you just cried a river, yeah

And I dove in wearing cement shoes

You asked me why I’m with ya, yeah

Like “do you love me or do you pretend to?”


You been saying for years now

You gon’ always be here now, drowning all in your tears now, yeah

Give me your heart then I go and break it

Give me your trust then I go betray it

Complicated but so complacent

Harmonize when we both are naked, then we fall out of sync

You chasing after love, I barely chase my drinks

I know that you felt that it’s so helpless

I’m too selfish, you’re too jealous, that’s all my fault, let you tell it

You ain’t understanding me, you put your fucking hands on me

If I retaliated then what type of man I’d be?

I got a short fuse for the long term

We take a wrong turn then we watch it all burn

No matter what I do girl, I have to be sure

This ain’t nothing new, nah you read this chapter before

I said “if I really love you then you should be free”

And you just looked at me…




I’m just my father’s son

You can’t teach a cheetah not to run

Promises I shouldn’t make now

I can’t say that I’ll be faithful in good faith now

You stayed down even when I fucked it up

And now I wonder what’s become of us

And then you just cried an ocean

Now it’s sink or swim, I can’t just leave you out there floating, I know…


(guitar solo)



featuring Khrista White

produced by Rob Devious


I know the difference between arrogance and confidence

Never been scared of sharing my accomplishments

If ego kills then call a hearse for me

My talent balances insecurities perfectly

Narcissistic yet my harshest critic

Y’all can see the dichotomy, it’s so hard to miss it

They call my lyrics “misogynistic”

Then watch a Tarantino movie and not have a problem with it

Never saw the difference between riding a high horse

And walking if y’all are talking the same behind closed doors

Only addressing the problems, where the solutions live?

Pass judgement like that was ever up to you to give

Opinion like your asshole, I’ll introduce ‘em

So the sun will never shine on whatever you think you’re provin’

Truth comes to the light but your truth is just an illusion

My truth is a white tiger and your act just got ruined

I’m only human, pardon the defensiveness

Overly sensitive, I guess that it’s representative

Of being an artist…this is me though, regardless

To evolve I had to leave where I started

Know the difference


(hook – Khrista White)

I know the diff-I know the difference

I know the diff-I know the difference

Of what it is and what it isn’t

I know the diff-I know the difference



I know the differences between snitches and witnesses

This ain’t a story bout no innocent imprisonment

This is bout belligerence leading to a beating

And seeing your youngin’ being assaulted without a reason

And holding him while he bleeding, laying there spitting blood

Feeling all of your hope in humanity getting crushed

Then when his mama beg and cry, asking you to testify

Do you do it regardless, knowing you’ll become a target?

Or obey the code of the streets that he bled on

Then avoid your reflection cuz your self respect’s gone?

Well, I made my decision, I don’t regret it

You ain’t been through it, then you ain’t supposed to get it

I know coming from me, some of you ain’t gon’ respect it

Because my record is cleaner than fucking radio edits

But, my view of the law still ain’t changed

It’s still “fuck 12” like gang bangs

I’m still here a reason, my youngin’ still breathin’

I’m still gon’ always stand up for what I believe in

Never been a gangsta and I never been coward

Knowledge of self is the power, know the difference




I know the difference between knowing and thinking

Between hoein’ and pimpin’, between hope and religion

I know the difference between being polite and being genuine

I know what you did can be different than your intentions and

I know the differences between lying and really trying

I know the difference between investing and only buying

And I know the difference between living and surviving

I know some people still don’t know that difference when they’re dying

I know the differences between my father and me

I know I’m everything he always thought I could be

I know the differences between a victim and my brother

But I’ll never know the difference between a saint and my mother

I know when they listen, they hear me different

I know that they’re full of wisdom, I know that they know I’m gifted

I know the difference between when you quit and going the distance

I know all my real intentions, you’ll know them soon as I’m finished





featuring Aaron Thomas & Major Van Winkle

produced by Bij Lincs


(hook – Aaron Thomas)

Remember when nobody noticed us?

We’d do a show, ain’t no one showing up

But now we Midas with the golden touch

Always held it down and now we glowin’ up

Yeah we glowin’ up, yeah we glowin’ up

Yeah we glowin’ up, yeah we glowin’ up

I know enough to know that I don’t know enough

I just know we’ll shine after we glowin’ up


Remember when I wore them hand me downs

Them girls in high school used to stand me up

Now they’re on my Instagram like “damn he’s handsome now”

While they watching Springer eating TV dinners, sad as fuck

My parents gon’ and got their dream house out in Arizona

Now ain’t this life a pretty bitch with perfect areolas

I pour the syrup in the soda, call that cherry cola

Such a rare aroma coming from this marijuana

Smell of victory, moving hella differently

Ain’t no time to make excuses when you making history

I had an epiphany, I know life’s a gift to me

Ain’t no present like the present, someone light the Christmas tree

Bitch, I feel like Lil’ B…my story Based on a God

Hit the Heisman in the face of a fraud, swerve

My real ones who held me down when I was broke as fuck

You know it’s love forever, shine together when we glowin’ up




(Major Van Winkle)

Glowin’ up now, but I been down

And counted out, but I been found

Tossed up on a upside-down cross with the life I lost

In the mausoleum with a rose-thorn crown

Roll through the whole town, windows down

Carpe diem, no harm, no foul

I don’t even see ‘em my lord, oh well

Still shades on my face when I stay indoors cuz I don’t even go out no more

I got piles of dirty dishes I can’t wipe this food for thought of

Bite the bullet, hit me with a pistol then a sawed off

Shoot me with a shotgun, I could drop and just get hauled off

Wake up in my coffin and I’ll call Voss like “what’s up boss?”

Yo, when is it my loss?

Middle finger in the air, the other hand on my balls, let’s glow on dog, yeah





produced by Icee the Producer


I’m so grateful to be full of greatness

Being complacent is so overrated

Saying I’m underestimated’s such an understatement

Holding aces up my sleeve but still I poker faced it

Always natural, never forcin’ it

Jealousy in my enemies’ energy, I’m sure of it

Sucks for them if they hate the sound of my voice

Cuz they gon’ have no choice but to hear a lot more of it

And I hope it hurts

I hope their 2 cents is all they have left when they’re broke as dirt

I hope they take this personal

Looking at me sideways cuz I’m moving vertical

I hope they fuckin’…ah, they got enough issues

I don’t know what the Source of your bad Vibe is but I can’t fuck with you

All the hate is lame as hell, I just came to help

On some Being John Malkovich, they played themselves

Imposters tryna win an Oscar

Left the crabs in the barrel and ordered my baby lobster

Circle full of scholars, blue collars and mobsters

Cutting down the roster just made the team stronger, yeah

Born ready, don’t get prepared

Remember where I started and I swear that I ain’t ending there

I ain’t never scared, shout out Bonecrusher

I’m too driven, making noise like an old muffler

But these boys need a tune up, tell em step their tunes up

Assume I’m from an all white hood, no Ku Klux

They talking too much, I had to let ‘em know

I’d rather be a late bloomer than to never grow

And all praises due to Walt and Anna

Feeling like I got the juice, I got the Tropicana

Flowing from the fountain of youth

Never found an ounce of doubt in my truth

It’s getting old to hear ‘em say that we ain’t getting any younger

Living like I’ll never fall in this endless summer

They bet I will? What’s the over/under?

This life is like a movie but I never play Games with my Hunger

They don’t shut their mouth off, I just cut the sound off

I’m at their door like house calls, they waiting on my downfall

King Michael’s reign ain’t ever gonna stop until it drowns y’all

Fuck the in crowd, I been an outlaw

If my time is running out, I wish somebody told me

I can’t hear the clock ticking, I should cop a Rollie

Because this moment’s all that matters

Staying present cuz a legend’s what I know they’ll call me after I’m gone

Story of my life, I’m always adding chapters

And they thought I was just a battle rapper

My only resolution’s evolution

And progress is always the best solution

And shout my homie Tony from the Third Ward

Showed me we gotta savor what we worked for

Still I know that we deserve more, world tours

Swimming in the money, where’s the muthafuckin’ surfboard?

Swimmin’, swimmin’, swimmin’ like I’m Michael Phelps

My enemies are Siamese, they’re so beside themselves

I got a better hand than what I was dealt

Only make a play if I can acquire wealth or inspire myself

Retracing memories like “is this meant for me?”

Is this destiny or happening coincidentally?

They tell me “get a job, don’t you want a family?”

I already got both but they don’t understand me

The homies worried I’m forgetting them now

Old circle bent out of shape cuz I’m never around

I guess they having withdrawal like I ran the banks

They say I changed and all I say is “thanks”

Thought I was lost, now I know I’m found

They look up to me, I gotta hold ‘em down

Loyalty is royalty, that’s all that surrounds me

The ruler of my own future…crown me.